If you have any products which have not been sold in Japanese market, let’s deal and explore together.

What we do

We purchase excellent products from overseas companies and distribute to shops and secondary wholesalers in Japan. Let us help you to promote and develop sales channels in Japanese market which has huge potential and also has its unique business customs and language.

What we need

Exclusive contract for Japanese market would be help us and your product to promote the sales faster. So we need exclusive contract. We can discuss about period of it and your concerns would be minimized.

How to promote at first

We’d make preparation, advertising and sales promotion period for crowdfunding. Listing up on the crowdfunding and selling in it would achieve the popularity and branding through it in Japanese market.

Crowdfunding achievements

Due to NDA, product’s names and details can not be disclosed,
Our team has achieved constantly a several million yen or more per project.

Your company would :

Sign with us an exclusive contract for the Japanese market
Deal with us and wholesale shipping to our warehouse in Japan
We will handle all sales, advertising, exhibitions, wholesales to mass merchandisers, and customer support in Japan. There is no cost to your company.

General Schedule

  1. [both] Exclusive contract
  2. [we] Sample confirmation
  3. [you] Share us the pictures, movies, customer reviews, etc of the product for promoting in Japan
  4. [we] Pre-sales advertising and Promotion : around 1 month
  5. [we] Crowdfunding : around 30 days
  6. [both] Start wholesale and continuous deal

Contact Us

When you have interests to sell you products in Japanese market, please feel free to contact us to “wholesale#rockandmoss.jp” . (plz change # to @)